CC Strategies, "Corporate Creative Strategies", is an independent Belgian communication agency specialising in Corporate Public Relations and Public Affairs.

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Corporate Public Relations / Corporate Communication

A successful corporate communication and public relations strategy embraces every aspect of an organisation’s relationship with its business environment, including legislators, public institutions, consumers, pressure groups, shareholders, trade unions, employees, and the general public.

CC Strategies assists, advises you and develops for you strategies that use the most effective communication tools and actions for each target group in order to achieve the desired attitude change.

Communication services

  • Analysis of how your organisation is perceived by the different stakeholders
  • Analysis of organisational issues and business environment
  • Defining objectives (desired image and message, etc.)
  • Mapping of target groups
  • Corporate messaging: corporate brochure, company presentation, company film, press kits, etc.
  • Opinion-forming activities: events, speaking platforms, etc.
  • Media relations: press releases, interviews, press conferences, press visits and briefings, etc.
  • Monitoring of all the issues concerning the organisation
  • (Online) Reputation management