CC Strategies, "Corporate Creative Strategies", is an independent Belgian communication agency specialising in Corporate Public Relations and Public Affairs.

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Internal Communication

Employees are an organisation’s ambassadors towards its clients and all its stakeholders. This is why it is essential to manage the internal process through which an organisation shares information, so that change can be managed while building insider commitment. Good internal communication boosts employees’ confidence in their company’s management and develops team motivation, enabling a company to operate smoothly. Through an effective internal communication strategy, CC Strategies helps managers create internal goodwill and efficiently communicate with all the members of their company.

Communication services

  • Internal Communication plan
  • Internal Communication audits
  • Internal Communication programmes: road shows, poster campaign, newsletters, intranet
  • Change management programmes
  • Internal Communication training programmes: tool development, presentation techniques, etc.
  • Team-building activities
  • Mission and vision statements
  • Labour relations
  • Communication with trade unions