CC Strategies, "Corporate Creative Strategies", is an independent Belgian communication agency specialising in Corporate Public Relations and Public Affairs.

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Crisis and Issues communication

Companies face a range of problems that risk escalating into a crisis at any time. This is why the management should be prepared to respond to any issue that could, under the glare of public and media scrutiny, damage corporate, product, or individual reputations. Good preparation and good crisis management can help you to protect your reputation and image and those of the company.

Thanks to a tailor-made programme, CC Strategies counsels companies with proactive crisis communication plans, strategic counselling before, during, and after the crisis, and efficient support in the field. We help organisations to communicate effectively through any kind of crisis, whether social, financial, environmental, political, or product-related.

Communication services

  • Crisis management: site incident, product recall, litigation support, plant closures or redundancy programmes, reputation crisis, etc.
  • Change management communication
  • Restructuring, closing plans
  • Crisis management : identifying potential obstacles, vulnerability assessment, crisis manual, crisis communication plan, crisis scenarios, crisis simulation, warning systems, front-liners training
  • Crisis management training: desktop simulation, call centre training, adverse media training, fully-fledged simulation, etc.
  • Crisis preparedness maintenance programme
  • Risk communication programmes: risk perception, message testing, training, pre-launch, etc.
  • Crisis recovery programme: reputation assessments, revision of procedures, recovery strategy