CC Strategies, "Corporate Creative Strategies", is an independent Belgian communication agency specialising in Corporate Public Relations and Public Affairs.

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Media Training

It’s not easy to communicate with the media.  If this type of communication is not properly managed, it can have harmful effects on your image and reputation, as well as on those of the entire company. It is thus essential to understand how each media works (television, radio, print and online press) and to master the different techniques to adopt with these professionals.

To help you, CC Strategies develops a personalised programme, tailored to your needs, during a training session with a professional journalist and a communication specialist. These training sessions will allow you to have a better understanding of journalists’ expectations and teach you to pass on the message that you want to clearly convey to all stakeholders, under all circumstances.

Communication services

  • Training for speaking to the various media: printed press, audiovisual press and online press
  • Explanation of how the different media work and of journalists’ expectations
  • Training for the company spokesperson and/or CEO
  • Preparation for interviews: attitude to adopt, stress management, traps and mistakes to avoid, etc.
    • Formulating / defining messages
    • Adapting messages to a specific audience
    • Techniques for answering questions in difficult contexts
    • Bridging techniques (in response to negative questions)