CC Strategies, "Corporate Creative Strategies", is an independent Belgian communication agency specialising in Corporate Public Relations and Public Affairs.

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Online Reputation Management

It is unthinkable to imagine our current society without social media or online communication. That is why CC Strategies calls on an expert in this matter, allowing us to provide our clients with this side of communication.

Online Reputation Management Monitoring & Analysis

Online reputation status

Audit of the current positioning of the company, its brands and services

  • Analysis of the focal points of conversation
    • forums, blogs, social networks, user- generated content
  • Sites of the company

Analysis of the brands, and of the reputation of the managers

Analysis of the competition

Web review

Daily monitoring of the online reputation

External & Internal Presence management


Advice and development of a strategy designed to improve, consolidate or change the online presence

What objectives, and how to achieve them

Accompanying project & Strategic advise

Introduction of tools, procedures and good practices, production of content


Daily monitoring of the evolution of the online reputation

Issues & Crisis management Issues management

Influence and proactive positioning on sensitive messages

Manual of online actions to manage a crisis

Strategy and set-up for online management of a crisis

Be ready

Activation, Crisis Management, post-crisis analysis

24/7 readiness of the protocol

Training & Coaching Communication in the web age

Social web: twitter, facebook, blogs, etc.

Google: Search engine advertising – Search engine optimisation