CC Strategies, "Corporate Creative Strategies", is an independent Belgian communication agency specialising in Corporate Public Relations and Public Affairs.

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Public Affairs / Lobby

Politics and the business sector are closely linked. Therefore, political decisions can make a huge and decisive impact on entire economic sectors.

CC Strategies, as a Public Affairs consultant, provides lobbying support in Belgium in order to bring the various projects of a company to a successful conclusion. We provide expertise, technology, and insight at the local, provincial, federal levels to ensure that the appropriate message is heard and understood by key decision-makers and politicians. We advise companies based on our in-depth knowledge of institutions, people, procedures, and policies that are led.

Our key elements of success are our strong network of political contacts and our ability to analyse, interpret, and formulate political messages. CC Strategies has an important network on different political levels in Belgium.

Communication services

  • Mapping of the company’s allies and enemies: identifying decision-makers who have an influence on the organisation (public authorities, associations, professional organisations, trade unions, etc.)
  • Identifying the company’s social, political and economic problems
  • Political monitoring
  • Developing messaging tailored to each target group
  • Strategic advice, issues management
  • Political monitoring
  • Lobbying / Public affairs campaigns on federal, regional and local levels
  • Tool development for political messaging: position papers, Q&As, releases, article placement, social media, etc.
  • Political network building